About us

Our history

Our managing director Andreas Bönisch founded Innospection Ltd in 1999, from which Innospection Germany GmbH emerged in 2008. The Innospection Germany GmbH contained the Research & Development, Technology, Product Development, Production and all data analysis departments of the Innospection Group. Innospection Germany GmbH and the entire team was split off and taken over by the private family-owned company InnetiQs GmbH.

With the transfer into InnetiQs GmbH from beginning of 2022, the entire team from the departments of measurement physics, mechanical design, electronics and software development, data analysis, project management, system assembly and service remained together unchanged. Although InnetiQs GmbH is a young company, our team is characterized by its many years of experience and cooperation in the field of advanced non-destructive material testing and the associated technologies.

Our range

Our core competence is the development of innovative and advanced NDT technologies paired with automated, robotic scanning solutions and field inspection.

We offer individual support for a wide range of inspection requirements from deep-sea- and splash zone applications to top-side, and generally downstream, mid- and upstream.

Our goal is to develop and provide innovative, intelligent, reliable and cost-effective inspection solutions and systems for provision of valuable inspection data. Our offerings for the global market are the innovative support of our advanced inspection technologies, the provision of meaningful condition data for intelligent integrity assessment. Our main business areas are summarized in the graphic below.

Our team

The InnetiQs team consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers with in-depth knowledge of modern inspection technologies, including inspection physics, mechanical design, electronic design, software design, assembly and testing, project management and service. Although we are still a young company, the entire team works well together to provide innovative and effective solutions to inspection challenges.
One part of InnetiQs team

One part of InnetiQs team

Our partners

Oceaneering International, Inc.
Cooperation partner in the field of splash zone inspection as well as partner for global inspection services

Nigeria FADFAE Engineering
Local Offshore project support

Our locations

InnetiQs Germany – Stutensee

InnetiQs GmbH
Fraunhoferstr 5
76297 Stutensee

The headquarter in Stutensee is the base for the team with many years of experience in technology and tool development, field inspection, data evaluation and reporting with the departments of measurement physics (incl. sensors, electromagnetic field modelling, test technology, FEM), data analysis, mechanical, electronic and software design, assembly / tests, inspection service & support as well as project management

InnetiQs Brazil – Campos

InnetiQs Brasil Ltda.
Rua dos Andradas 111
28010-300 Campos – RJ

Branch office activities: local sales, R&D projects, inspection services

Our management team / your contacts

Andreas Bönisch
Managing Director

With over 30 years of experience in the field of non-destructive testing, especially in eddy current testing, Andreas Boenisch is the founder and Managing Director of InnetiQs GmbH.

Previously he was the founder and long-time Managing Director of Innospection Group Ltd in 1999 and other subsidiary companies. Andreas was actively involved in the application development, the international business development and technical application of the SLOFEC™, the MEC and the MagControl technology. Andreas’ expertise and vision has resulted in InnetiQs becoming an integrity support specialist, providing advanced and innovative inspection solutions and services to the Oil & Gas, Process and Manufacturing industries. With the aim of developing solutions for complex testing tasks, he made it possible to test deep-sea assets such as flexible risers.

In addition to the position of being Managing Director at InnetiQs, Andreas actively drives company growth and technology development forward.

Dr. Konrad Reber
Director Research & Development

Dr. Konrad Reber studied physics at the University of Mainz and material science at the University of Erlangen. At Pipetronix he was responsible for the development of data analysis algorithms and the magnetic design for applications in MFL-pipeline inspection. After changing to NDT Systems & Services he continued to work with UT-based ILI tools and focused on defect assessment and general comparison methods of different inspection tools. He then changed to TÜV Rheinland as an expert within the Pipeline Technology Group. In 2008 he started as head of research and development for the Innospection Group. The department was responsible for designing new inspection equipment for the Oil and Gas industry. Since 2022 he continued this position for InnetiQs. In addition to that, he is busy in delivering speeches on conferences and is a trainer in various courses on pipeline inspection.

Sebastian Hartmann
Project and Sales Manager

As a trained mechanical engineer Sebastian has more than 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Since more than 20 years he specialises in the service sector for non-destructive testing of critical assets with an aim of keeping them safe. In this time Sebastian has closely worked with clients in different countries around the world and in multiple roles including inspection tool development, operations, and sales / business development.

Dr. Cesar Boynard
General Manager InnetiQs Brazil

Dr. Cesar Boynard has more than 20 years of experience in supervising and development of new Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) technologies in laboratory and industrial projects. He got his PhD on NDE area in 2004 at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa.

Dr. Boynard’s current work involves research and consulting in the NDE area of materials, welds and industrial assets. He has particularly expertise on some recent inspection technologies such as: MagControl Electromagnetic technology, Guided Waves (GW), Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT), Phased Array (PA), Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), dedicated to Probability of Detection (POD) and Flaw Sizing.

On the other hand, he has experience in supervising several academic and research projects as well as managing academic and industrial lectures on NDE. He has authored/co-authored several papers about composites materials and NDE subjects. He has been involved in some relevant industrial, European and Brazilian research projects on NDE area in last 18 years. He was in charge of NDT department of a multinational company in Brazil, where he successfully introduced new technologies such as Guided Waves and EMAT to this market.

Nowadays, he is the general manager of InnetiQs Brasil, a company specialized in robotic electromagnetic technologies dedicated to Flexible and rigid pipes in splash zone in offshore and subsea environment.