Rigid Riser Inspection

Due to the pressure and its integrity requirement, Rigid Risers typically require a high detection capability of external and internal defects. InnetiQs offers two way solutions: the external scanning by top side deployed external scan system in combination techniques MagControl, Ultrasonics and marine growth cleaning all implemented in the MagIQ SZ200 system. The system is capable to scan from 6” upwards through coatings of 15mm and clad up to 4mm on carrier pipe wall thickness up to 1”.
The second solution of rigid riser inspection is the internal scan by tethered inspection units. The tethered MagPiQ – TI is based on the high resolution and detection technique MagControl. the electromagnetic technique based units allow to inspect as well dry risers as gas risers and wall thickness up to 1”, also the limited cleaning requirement is a major benefit, riser diameter from 4” upwards are possible.