Splash Zone area Inspection

Offshore the structural assets of Caissons, Conductors or structural legs can be very efficiently inspected by the top side deployed MagIQ SZ200. The advanced scan system integrated MagControl scan system with high resolution sensors, Ultrasonic sensors array (in parallel to the MagControl Eddy Current sensors, implemented when the coating & inspection requires the add on) and the integrated hip pressure jetting cleaning. This way the all-purpose tool is able to operated cleaning and high resolution inspection effectively with top side deployment and operations at any pipe diameter from 6” onwards. As the scan system works same above, through and below the splash zone with cleaning and inspection, the system can also inspect through any coating up to 15mm and electric conductive clad material up to 4mm.

Highly efficient operations with top side guidance provides high resolution full condition images of the asset from inside and outside with analysed defect sizing to support the integrity assessment systems.