Equipment Sales/License

InnetiQs develops and produces high end eddy current based inspection systems. The entire development is based on our inspection field experience and a strong understanding of the requirements for testing technology. Testing systems are developed which, according to the motto ‘Made in Germany’, are characterized not only by the highest technical requirements but also by their high level of robustness and good operability.

We offer the latest generation of testing systems and technology for corrosion, crack or material detection/analysis, among others for the

Tank bottom inspection

For thick walls and coated tanks

  • Ferritic tank bottoms
  • Stainless steel or aluminium tank bottoms

External pipeline inspection

For 1” diameter and larger tubing

  • Ferritic steel tubes
  • Stainless steel tubes or non-ferrous metals

For more information on the sale and licence of inspection equipment, please contact us directly using our contact form. We look forward to your inquiry.

MagControl Storage Tank Floor Scanner including spare parts

The data sheet for our MagControl Storage Tank Floor Scanner is available for download.

MagControl Pipe Scanners

The data sheets for our MagControl pipe scanners are available for download below.

MagControl & other Splash Zone & Subsea Equipment

Splash Zone and Subsea Inspection systems for sale and for license will be followed up on individual request.