Pipe & Pipeline Inspection

Internal Pipeline pigging

The latest partial saturation low frequency technique MagControl is known for its enormous capabilities of

  • High detection capability of localised defects despite heavy wall, coatings or clad
  • Its dry inspection capability at low and high wall thickness
  • Inspection of clad or lined pipelines
  • Excellent inspection of pipes in pipes without sensitivity degradation
  • Inspection of multiphase lines
  • Its defect sizing capabilities by use of three factors signal phase, signal amplitude and signal pattern.
  • Straight detection and distinguishing of defects vs material property changes
  • Future capabilities for inspection or emerging fuel pipelines

InnetiQs team developed next to tethered pipeline inspection tools the intelligent pig MagPiQ, which versatility of sensor carrier was designed inspection of carrier pipelines as well as the CRA layer of clad pipelines for corrosion and crack detection. The high specifications of typical offshore lines were to be fulfilled as example operations up to 270bar and wall thickness inspection to 1”.

The miniaturized electronics developed by the InnetiQs team comes with a variety of technology novelties as multi-mode- and multi-frequency over high-resolution multi-channel which displays against conventional pipeline pigging a whole new way for absolute detailed pigging data.

External Pipeline Scanning

Beside the internal inspections with the MagControl technique, the same technology with new generation sensor technology is implemented in the external scanner systems. The external pipe scanner fleet InnetiQs developed is capable to scan from 1” diameter to flat with lowest possible wall thickness up towards 1”.

The eddy current based MagControl pipeline inspection systems are able to be used for carbon steel-, Duplex and stainless steel material