After long cooperation time InnetiQs GmbH takes over the majority of the shares of Innospection Brasil Ltda. to become InnetiQs Brasil Lta. Dr. Cesar Boynard, as remaining partner and director of InnetiQs Brasil Ltda., continues to grow the company in Brasil.

The main focus of the InnetiQs Brasil organisation is to provide advanced inspection solutions for the Oil & Gas and process industry in Brasil. A particular focus of InnetiQs Brasil is to offer technology and especially flexible riser inspection and monitoring solutions.

A large part of InnetiQ’s activities are solution developments, which is why InnetiQs Brasil Ltda. geared to grow besides inspection services also on special R&D projects in the country. With extensive experience in underwater inspections, remote tool solutions and flexible risers, InnetiQs Brasil offers its support to the industry.