InnetiQs team developed with financial support the first intelligent pig based on partial saturation eddy current. The electromagnetic ILI MagPiQ has been developed to overcome inspection gaps left in the pipeline industry, such as:

  • High detection capability of localised defects despite heavy wall, coatings or clad
  • Its dry inspection capability at low and high wall thickness
  • Inspection of clad or lined pipelines
  • Excellent inspection of pipes in pipes without sensitivity degradation
  • Inspection of multiphase lines
  • Its defect sizing capabilities by use of three factors signal phase, signal amplitude and signal pattern.
  • Straight detection and distinguishing of defects vs material property changes
  • Future capabilities for inspection or emerging fuel pipelines

Latest pipeline tests have shown that the MagPiQ has high detection capabilities near welds. With the latest technology, its absolute novel capabilities for multi-mode and multi-frequency operations, the detection and sizing of defects despite wall thickness and clad became a substantial advantage.