InnetiQs and FADFAE won two major projects of Flexible Riser inspection and integrity assessment projects in Nigeria offshore. The projects contain of cleaning, inspection and assessment of the Flexible Risers. Whereas the one project contains up to 6 risers to be scanned shallower water depth, the other project requires deep and long-distance riser scan operations. The started projects are teamed up with engineering lead and supervision by InnetiQs engineers whereas partner FADFAE Engineering provides its experienced engineers for the teams in double shifts.

The riser structures and dimensions are substantially different, therefore the subsea crawler system MagIQ SC200 is supplied which allows a change of its adaptations to different riser diameter, scan direction and water depth capabilities from splash zone to 2.500m.
InnetiQs and FADFAE Engineering are thankful to the engineering team working hard over the festive period and beyond.